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For the diet-oriented people like me.

it adds Nutrition Data search engine in the drop down of the search engine feature (where Google and everything else is), where basically, you type the food and it gives you its full nutritional value. Coolio!

The thing is that we found that site after wondering how many calories did half a Burrito Dos Manos w'out sour cream. The answer was basically: Still a lot. Bleh.

We hit Monroeville earlier today )
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As most of my friends know by know, I am on a diet. Many of the people that I know are on a diet or a weight control/maintenance program (except of course Newsome who is a bottomless pit and he'll even ask for food when not offered to him, but let's not discuss that now).

As many of my friends know, I love to entertain. And so does CC.

So, the mission. Basically, I have decide that when I entertain, I 'll be offering the healthiest/most sensible menus that I can come with. From appetizers to desserts, I'll make certain that what I use will be what I'd feed myself when trying to control my weight.

It won't mean that I won't offer large portions of food (which is something that I somehow HAVE to do. Must be this Greek gene pool). It's just that you won't be eating moussaka from my hands any time soon.

By the way, I have clean teeth. I'll probably blind you if I smile. Also, my perio didn't yell at me. What a nice person. She even asked me for advice to organize a cruise to the Greek Islands this summer. Speaking with a hook in your mouth is no fun, though.


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