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..and specifically to [ profile] swordandmug, I have a new fencing mask. If fits and feels well, needs to be worn with the gorget to see how it feels that way as well, though it should not be a problem. The guy that sold me the mask was actually a former SCAdian, who fenced back in the day that you could fence by wearing 2 sweatshirts on top of eachother. I told him that things have changed positive and that he should come and play with us again. I can't but smirk to the thought of how much of his old old stuff would pass inspection today...

So, now, the next thing would be to punch test fabric for a drape and a shirt. After that, all I'll need is swords. Woot!
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It gets me out of bed early and I have all the day for myself. So I hit WB for sunday practice. Archery was ok, I even found the target from 40 yards. Maybe there is some hope. I must make this arm strong (or better, both of them) so that I can keep it stable and the bow won't "kick" when I release the string. Fencing was good too, Christian worked on my footwork (oooh sooo much needed) and although I thought I'd be like Robocop this morning I wasn't which means that my legs will finally shut the fuck up and do what I want them to do.

Today we'll go to Birdsfoot for a round of golf. It's a very pretty course, links style. First round of the season - it should be a lesson in humility by itself.

Speaking of golf, I'm glad that Phil won, I'd like to see Sergio doing better than that, and Jimenez also had a little strike which I thought was awesome. Go crazy celt!
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And it was great fun even if you're a newbie and your footwork is like a piece of shit that has to be reworked from square -12. I so hope weather allows for outdoors schtuff next week.

Now I'll watch the rest of the golf and try to figure out how EXACTLY Vijay and Sergio managed to by a ticket of my ride and completely collapse with way over par final rounds. Whoa!

On other news, yesterday we went to the Dome and I hit some golfballs. I tried a new grip and took me forever to recover for it. Moral of the story: If it ain't broken, don't fix it, it'll hate you and it'll let you know the worst possible way. Once I got back to it, I started hitting them well again. Oh, I also went to Golf Galaxy (no unsolicited advice then, maybe they have a mug shot of me in their no-no list by now) and bough a koala head cover (weeeee!) and a light green glove (it matches my polo, so I'll be cute on the course with my lemon yellow capri. Yay me.)


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