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I just got an email from the band I played with when back in Hellas. Apparently, they made it to play live in a cult/trash/ohmygodwhatelsearetheygonnamake tv show.

Boy I'm jealous.

My band is something I miss more than even family and friens, mainly cause it was something that dealt with my creativity, I feel AWSOME when I play in front of people, and these people are awesome fun to be with (that last trip to Crete is still unforgettable for a variety of reasons)

They all ask when I'm coming back. Our singer claims that I am the "voice of reason" that stitch (rather than stick) em all together, since we are all Alpha personalities in this band. The thing with me is that I know my trade, being a musician from the cradle basically, so they know that when I say something, it's usually correct (or enough b.s. to look like correct).

Well, I'm not coming back anytime soon, I'm afraid. And no, I don't loath the situation. I like the States. I like Pittsburgh and the greens that surround the neighbor VS the cement forest that is Piraeus downtown. I like being in the SCA and persue my medieval endeavours. I like the variety of diet foods that do not exist in Greece. I don't like a lot of things, but I haven't said (and really meant) "I wish I had never came up here". Yes, I do yell "i wanna go home" every time my tiny kitchen is being the evil monster againstg my cooking, but that's cause the kitchen back in Hellas is HUGE enough to be an informal dining room.

And of course, my passport is nowhere near renewed any time soon.

Oh well. I asked them to burn the video from the show into a dvd and send it to me. I need to see how hilarious it looks. I swear, till the time I go back, I'll have a piece of really frilly Elisabethan garb, just to wear for gigs. Mwahahahhaa! ! ! !


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